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Working with Christina has absolutely shifted the way I live my life. I have learned the importance and the benefits of taking care of myself and showing up for myself. She also presented questions that I had never thought of before and created a space where I felt safe and challenged to go deep within myself to answer. I have absolutely felt the benefits of this in my relationship with myself and with others. Christina created a community within the JUICY challenge and NOURISH that was supportive, encouraging, and enriching. I am so greatful for taking the leap into her teachings and I will be carrying them with me for years to come.


~Rachel N. (USA)

I’m into all humans and I love my Queerness. There was a point in time where I was afraid to share my true self with the world and my family. Only my closest friends knew who I really was and I thought that was enough.


I started this JUICY! challenge in dark place and hoped that it could help me see differently and just have a better appreciation of myself.  It has definitely exceeded all my expectations and beyond. Thank you to Christina for creating JUICY!  Thank you for creating a safe space for all humans to come together and teach one another in different ways. I am beyond grateful and truly blessed to have been a part of it. I have more courage with truly being my authentic self and being free from insecurities. I’ve met some beautiful humans who helped me along the way with their understanding and support. I will forever love breathwork and Christina for teaching me so much throughout the entirety of JUICY! I’m highly looking forward to the next one! 

~ Brittany (USA)

I have taken part in Breathwave, JUICY! and NOURISH! programs and they have been transformative experiences. Christina’s present and compassionate guidance has enabled me to release deeply suppressed experiences and emotions that have led me to unlock a power within that I would never have dreamed possible.


I am beyond grateful that Christina is following her calling to teach and heal others. Meeting her has been life changing in the best way imaginable.


~ Kim (She/They, 32, New Zealand)

Being a participant in this course gave me an opportunity to explore a deeper connection to myself. It helped me to define my needs, my boundaries and what I hold of true importance in my life. With the gentle focus on self reflection, I was able to get to know myself in deeper ways. It has helped me be more confident and compassionate in the places where I feel most vulnerable. This class is lovingly facilitated and connects you with others who are also on this path of deeper self-exploration, healing and how to befriend one's self. I highly recommend this class to anyone as we all need to Nourish ourselves.


~ Marie (Vancouver, BC)

"NOURISH! was a first for me. I hadn’t participated in group work before but was curious about exploring ideas around self care and restoration. Christina’s mindful and loving facilitation broadened my perspective and gave me valuable tools for cultivating a deeper relationship with myself. Sharing my journey with the group and listening to their experiences was the most surprising and impactful part of the course. Christina cultivated a safe and open environment for sharing, learning and appreciating one another. It was a beautiful experience."


~ S. (Vancouver)

I have been enjoying Christina's offerings for awhile now. I love how she cares about us, creates such a safe container for us to be authentic and share ourselves. I love her gentle voice to guide, encourage and support us. I love she's not only a teacher, and also shares her own experiences with us.


I value her honesty and vulnerability while sharing her own experiences. It is powerful and I appreciated it. To be able to share with other women that are going through different yet similar life experiences in such a safe place and learning how to reconnect to myself, gaining the knowledge of how to gently take care of myself, how to remind myself not to judge and instead, unconditionally love myself is so rare and pure. I'm so grateful.


Thank you Christina for your offerings. I hope many others will also be able to experience this. - Mel (Ontario, Canada)

I am so grateful that I came across this JUICY! challenge by chance and took the leap to sign up! I truly believe some things just find you in life when you need them most. I have noticed so many changes within myself, both big and small, because of this journey. More than anything, it was a learning experience for me. I learned things that I liked, things I would like to change, things I maybe need to work on a little bit more, things about my true self, and that the power of a community like this is undeniable.

~ JUICY! participant, March 2021

This challenge has definitely helped me realize the importance of self love and Growth. I still have plenty to work on with myself but I’m getting there. I’m really just in awe with everyone. I have so much gratitude and I’m so thankful to all.

~ JUICY! participant, March 2021

You've created something truly unique and you've been so brave and open each and every day when you share your videos! Kudos to you for stepping out of your comfort zone!


~ JUICY! participant, March 2021

What an unforgettable experience!


This challenge felt like the start of a whole new book in my life.


I went in hoping it would help me make more time for myself, but I received so much more. I managed to find such a huge part of the person who had been hiding inside of me.


More than just a safe space to be, we were provided with a space that wanted to see us grow. A space that didn't only catch us when we fell, but also celebrated our victories.


A space that felt like home from the very beginning.


Thank you.


~ Hélène Fortier, NOURISH! & JUICY! participant, March 2021

I had absolutely no idea what to expect when I signed up for this challenge. I actually almost didn’t sign up. I went back and forth for a long time, but there was always this feeling that I needed to do this. So, I listened and signed up.

This was probably one of the absolute best decisions I have ever made. I have gotten so much more out of this than I could ever have imagined.


Christina’s videos have gotten me to think about so many different things. I had the biggest challenges with the body exercises because I’ve never had a good relationship with my body. But these exercises have taught me that I need to change my narrative when it comes to my body. Stop looking at all the things I don’t like about it, and instead see how amazing it is. Maybe I’m not as firm as I used to be and maybe I have a few more stretch marks than I would like, but my body grew three freaking amazing human beings and I can never thank it enough for that. My body is so amazing and I need to get past focusing on just the way it looks and instead focus on what it does for me every day of my life.

I have also felt for a while like I there was something “missing” in my life. But I’ve never expressed these feelings because looking at my life from the outside, I have it pretty good. I have the things I’m “supposed” to have at this point in my life. But still there was this feeling of something missing. Through this journey I have found acceptance and friendship beyond what I could have ever imagined. I think that is what was missing. I was missing me. I was missing the feeling that I could truly be myself with no judgment.


This last month I’ve met friends that have seen all of me, they have not judged me, they truly get me and on top of all that they have gone further and said “we see you and you’re fucking amazing.” I did not know how much I needed these people until I found them, and I know we will be friends for the rest of our lives.

The universe truly sent me a gift with this challenge, a gift that I will forever be thankful for. So, thank you to the Universe, thank you to all the amazing people in here for being open and supportive and vulnerable, and thank you to Christina . These last 30 have been amazing and I’m sad to see them end, but I will take with me the lessons I’ve learned from this for the rest of my life.


~ JUICY participant, March 2021 

The 30 day challenge was a perfect combination with the nourish introspection.  Both helped me to ignite my depressed demeanour and lacklustre enjoyment of my life.  The self-care commitment reminded me that I am responsible for how I live my life no matter what happens in the world at large.  Thank you for being present and guiding me through the darkness.  I am most grateful for the breath work practice and the music playlists.  Every repetition brings the opportunity to let go and release into the flow. The prospect for healing and growth is immense.


I am very grateful to have shared time with you.  Your gentle heart shines brightly.  My wish for you is that you nourish yourself with the same unwavering grace and kindness that you so readily give to others.


~ DW - NOURISH! & JUICY! participant, March 2021

It’s been a wonderful journey sharing and growing with everyone. I’m so glad I took this course, and I just feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to.


Thank you Christina for creating this, I’ve learned so much and cherish the wisdom you’ve shared over this journey.


~ NM, JUICY! & NOURISH! participant, March 2021

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