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Give yourself some love!
Fill your cup.
Establish new routines and practices
to support you in your life.

30 DAY
OCTOBER 1 - 31, 2021

JUICY! $60 

Prices in USD. See details below!


It's time for a little sass, laughter and

self-loving playful fun!

... and to give yourself some good self-care while

setting those positive, healthy habits into motion!


This JUICY! 30 Day Self-Care Challenge is intended to

brighten your spirits and hopefully make your heart smile and spirit sing ... and maybe you just might feel a little sass too!

When we take steps to better care for ourselves,

we feel better about life overall. ​​



In the challenge, we will focus on self-care in five health categories:







Five Aspects of Being Human.jpg

Daily Videos

Each morning you will receive an email with a self-care inspiration video authentically made by yours truly (Christina)! We will rotate through each of the five categories. Some topics might feel a little taboo, and all will be educational and contribute to juicy aliveness, self-acceptance and better health and wellbeing.


Design Your Own Challenge

Design your own challenge.  Choose THREE things that you will do EVERY day for 30 days.

These are in addition to what you already do for self-care. Choose from any of the five categories (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, sexual). It's fine to have multiples in one category - whatever you most need in your life at this time.  

Be clear beforehand about the commitments you are making to yourself, and follow through on them ... just for you. Consistent practice every day is the key to creating change, shifting your head (and heart) space, and developing new habits.


If you tend to be an over-committer, then less is more in this scenario (ie: shorter time frame, fewer repetitions etc), and will better ensure your chances of success. You can always do more after you meet your set requirement and create an added victory for that day!


It is important to choose commitments that are do-able with your schedule and responsibilities. The last thing we want is a self-care program that is overwhelming and feels like too much work, or for you to feel like you couldn't do it.

Sometimes we realize, once part way into the challenge, that the commitments we chose aren't realistic or the most suitable. It is fine to revise them once or twice, and it's best to limit the number of revisions so that you stay focused on the same things and accomplish success with them.

Invite your friends and challenge each other! Have fun! 



The jade egg practice (optional) will be a juicy exploration of sexual energy and health, and can cultivate some juicy creativity, aliveness and sass! (and a host of added physical health benefits and pleasure too)

Daily Reporting of Your Progress 

(aka: accountability!)


Chart your victories!

See your progress over 30 days as you create new habits and let go of old, unhealthy ones. 

Feel amazing as the fruits of your steady efforts and commitments grow!

At the end of each day you will receive a notification asking you to record your efforts

in a spreadsheet assigned to you (while also respecting your privacy). 

The JUICY! Community and your Self-Care Code Name


We'll have an online shared platform (not FB) for posting photos and inspirations

to share with your fellow JUICY! journeyers.

Once you sign up, you will receive your self-care code name. To respect everyone's privacy, we'll use these code names for the challenge - when we communicate on the shared platform and when we record our successes in the accountability spreadsheet.

Added Bonus!

Conscious connected breathwork is a beautiful practice that can deeply support your self-care, replenish your reserves, release stress and help you to let go of stuck emotions.

Included in this JUICY! 30 Day Self-Care Challenge are two Breathwave sessions (a gentle form of conscious breathing) - one at the beginning and another at the end. These will enable you to clearly and powerfully set your intentions at the outset, connect with other beautiful souls and then, at the end, honour your 30 day journey and acknowledge the victory of completing it. 


One of the most meaningful aspects of this 30 day challenge has to do with personal connection and the relationships that form within the JUICY! community - where you and your fellow JUICY! journeyers can share about your experiences, offer support, encouragement and a safe, loving place to be.

SUPER JUICY! will offer additional opportunities for this, and enable you to deepen in your personal connection while also learning more about self-care.

This option includes:

  1. the JUICY! 30 Day Self-Care Challenge

  2. four live Saturday morning gentle yoga stretch sessions (Oct 2, 9, 16,23 @ 8 am pacific time)

  3. three x 1.5 hour live zoom sessions with: live presentation on a self-care topic, discussion and sharing in small groups, Conscious Connected Breathwave journey


SUPER JUICY! zoom sessions:

7:00 - 8:30 pm pacific time

Wednesdays October  6, 13, 20


This is meant to be a juicy journey sprinkled with 

sass, playful laughter and lightness, self-love and care

to fill your heart and soul. 

It's not about perfection ... it's simply about learning to love ourselves more.

It is intended to bring people together 

and to create more joy and love in the world.

This challenge welcomes all people, and it is centred on the experience of women.

So, if this works for you, please join us!

This is a LGBTQ2IA+ and all gender identities, all ethnicities friendly place.

Christina WOWZA 2.jpeg
Heart High Res 2.png

The Five Health Categories

Here are some suggestions and ideas of areas to focus on for your JUICY! 30 Day Self-Care Challenge! Feel free to come up with your own as well.

Enjoy and have fun!


  • Nutrition

    • no sugar / caffeine / gluten / dairy / meat​

    • fresh fruits and vegetables every day

    • no processed foods / home-cooked, healthy foods

    • proper hydration - min 8 cups H2O (not incl coffee :)

  • Exercise, dance, movement 

  • Sleep - # hours

  • Pre-sleep care/rituals - at least 1 hour no screen time or TV before bed, hot baths, no stimulants 3- 4 hours before

  • Dental care - tooth flossing, oil pulling

  • Massage, osteopathic, chiropractic

  • Financial - directed resources in a good way


  • Negativity detox - abstinence from mainstream media, limit social media exposure, stop negative bad talk to self and others

  • Learn a new skill

  • Read something intellectually stimulating and enjoyable 

  • Practice self-supporting, constructive, optimistic thinking 

  • Work on one specific self-limiting belief each day for a week or more - expand your possibilities

  • Clear out clutter in your home. Tidy it up every day. Helps to mentally declutter

  • Focus your mind for 15 minutes every day on ONE thing. Train your attention.


  • Quietude - meditation, contemplation, reflection​

  • Journalling

  • Time in nature

  • Creating beauty, surrounding yourself with beauty

  • Prayer, ceremony

  • Gratitude and appreciation

  • Do what gives you joy

  • Breathwork

  • Reading of /listening to inspirational texts/ teachings


  • Jade egg practice every day

  • Connect with your passions and purpose

  • ​Experience pleasure - with yourself and/or another

  • Engage your sensual pleasures through your senses - touch, delicious foods, aromas, colours, textures, music

  • Spark your creativity - let go of perfectionism and create! Do what you love! There are so many forms of creativity: cooking, writing, dancing, building, developing, envisioning, improvising, gardening, painting, singing, drawing, sculpting, photographing, and so many more forms of expression!


  • Self-compassion, kindness, love​, forgiveness

  • Set boundaries and uphold them

  • Establish enough safety before moving to the next step

  • Honour your needs without judgement

  • Self-acceptance  - Allow you to be you

  • Self-appreciation and honouring your victories

  • Establish priorities and create time buffers in your life to allow for more space and ease

  • Do less and include doing more of what is most meaning, satisfaction and fulfillment

  • Honour your truth. Say no when you mean no, and yes when you mean it. Don't people please.


Well ... if you wanna have more energy, more creativity and more sass in your life, this ought to help!

This is an optional practice within the challenge, and is great if you're feeling the need

for a little extra juice and inspiration!

The jade egg has been used in Taoist sexual cultivation practices for over 2000 years. 




  • tonifies the vaginal wall (a muscle) to support reproductive health lifelong

  • aids in healing and/or revitalizing the vagina after childbirth or sexual abstinence

  • helps to prevent incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse

  • serves to increase sensitivity and pleasure, and to thaw areas of pain and trauma

  • increases vaginal lubrication naturally, regardless of age or stage of life

  • eases PMS, peri-menopausal and menopausal symptoms

Energetic: helps to move and harness sexual energy, thus bringing more aliveness, creativity, vitality, JUICYNESS and SASS!

Emotional: cultivates more confidence, positivity, enthusiasm and joy


Stone type: A high quality nephrite jade egg is recommended as it is most dense and therefore less porous - important for hygiene. Traditionally jade is used as the first stone type for newcomers to this practice as it is considered to be harmonizing.

Rose quartz is another option if you feel called. It is more porous so be sure to sanitize it well before and after use.

Sizing: Eggs come in S, M, L. Medium is suggested as a starting point. Women who have had children may want to get a large size and then progress to medium once the muscles have strengthened.

Ordering an egg: I have some in stock and can get more for those who are local to Vancouver. Otherwise, if in Canada, I love supporting Canadian based WAANDS . For those in the US, you may want to check out

If you'd like to order an egg from me, and you're in the Vancouver area, 

please send me an email at

NOTE: This is one of many practices you can choose from for your 30 day challenge. 

And if it doesn't speak to you, no worries ... choose what does!

JADE EGG PRACTICE? What the ... ?
two JUICY! options to choose from:



  • daily inspirational or educational video

  • jade egg instructional video

  • daily accountability check-in

  • community sharing platform

  • 2 full online Breathwave sessions (October 1 & 31) for relaxation and integration, as well as setting your intention at the beginning, and for celebrating and honouring your commitment at the end.

  • daily inspirational or educational video

  • jade egg instructional video

  • daily accountability check-in

  • community sharing platform

  • two full online Breathwave sessions (October 1 & 31) for relaxation and integration, as well as setting your intention at the beginning, and for celebrating and honouring your commitment at the end.

  • three x 1.5 hour live zoom sessions on self-care topics, small group sharing & connection time and 30 minute Breathwave sessions

  • four Saturday morning gentle yoga stretch sessions @ 8 am pacific time, Oct 2, 9, 16, 23




*Prices in USD*

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