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for participation in events offered by YOU are the MEDICINE (YATM):​


I take personal responsibility for my wellbeing, and acknowledge that I am a powerful and sovereign being stepping into my empowerment and self-actualization as part of the process of participation.


All communication and sharing between myself and others in programs offered by YOU are the MEDICINE (JUICY!, SUPER JUICY!, NOURISH!, ALIGN!, BALANCE!) will be conducted in a respectful, kind, caring and inclusive manner. I will ask if a person wants advice before giving it, and I will honour the answer. I will share authentically and truthfully . And I will ask for support and/or insights if I need/want them. I understand that asking for what I need is me advocating on my own behalf - being my own ally. I am not looking to be rescued, or to rescue - and sometimes, support and sharing is helpful.


This is a space of healing and I agree to hold it in that regard. Safety is of the highest importance. I agree to honour and respect confidentiality and privacy. I agree not to share anything outside this circle without permission from YATM and the individuals who may be affected or are referenced, even if anonymously.


All people are welcome. This is an inclusive space. And, at the same time, I understand that if I do not respect the above terms and conditions and if my conduct jeopardizes the safety and/or integrity of the group sharing container/circle, that I may be asked to leave and/or may be blocked from further participation if efforts to remedy the behaviour were not successful.


I will practice self-care, self-love, self-compassion and self-forgiveness should I lapse on any of the above conditions, and will also do my best to get back on track, and to focus on my original intentions in joining programs offered here.


I understand that this is about learning, growth and healing, and it is not about perfection.

I accept my humanness and that of others too. :)


I will fill my cup and love myself no matter what! 



Information collected through this website is used to process transactions at the time of purchase or to contact customers about details pertaining to their registered events, or to notify them of future event offerings. Data will not be shared or sold to third parties for marketing purposes, and only will be shared with the WIX approved financial providers to process transactions for registered events.


An option to unsubscribe from the mailing list will be available on all emails sent. We respect your privacy and your inbox, and wish to have good relations with you by honouring them.



No refunds on cancellations. Credit towards a future offering will be provided with advance notice of 48 hours or more prior to the start of the registered event date and time.

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