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conscious connected breathing

Breathwave conscious connected breathing is a gentle form of breathwork that harmonizes in body-mind-spirit. It invites you into deeper connection with yourself - to be more present in your life.


Breathwave supports the integration of suppressed emotions and experiences. It can help you to let go, and also to feel more. Combined with qualified facilitation, it can support the gentle unwinding and release of trauma over time.  

Some of the physical benefits of conscious connected breathing include detoxification, stress reduction, an improved ability to breathe and organ massage. 

It honours the sacred within you ... the beauty, the light, the magnificent while also holding and integrating the shadow, the broken, and the exiled in order to come to wholeness.

The breath invites you into your heart

and to remember who you truly are.


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Breathwave Circle on January 29th

Email to register:



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One-on-one and group breathwave sessions are offered and facilitated by me, Christina Niven. I am a certified senior Breathwave facilitator and trainer, and am assistant to and co-facilitator with Breathwave Founder Robin Clements.

In our sessions together, I will gently guide you into the Breathwave, offer hands-on facilitation and support you in staying present with and in your experience. Breathing is done in a relaxed way while lying down with the background accompaniment of music, intention and presence to guide your journey.

Please connect with me to learn more. I offer in-person and online zoom sessions in multiples of three, five or ten. Doing so establishes the ground for building rapport and safety, and supports the ability to drop in deeper and open more fully to what is possible in you and in your life.


the medicine of the breath ...

invites you into this present moment

to witness, to experience, to feel ...

and simply - to be your own medicine.

it feels good to let go

... to open

... to breathe

... to be free.

YOU are the MEDICINE ...

it's within you.

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