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inner alignment & self-care sessions with Christina

This is a sacred journey of self-discovery and inner listening where you come know what is in your heart ... what is true and most in alignment for you.

This is a journey of worthiness and self-love. 

This is transformative work. It will require courage and your commitment to your growth and evolution. It will require you to take the time, do the work, and create change. You don't have to do it all at once - incremental change over time is lasting change. And you don't have to do it alone. This is about loving yourself so much that you are willing to do what is needed to honour your heart, your being, your truth and your deepest calling in this life.


In our sessions together, you will be guided on a journey of inner discovery, reflection and inquiry. You will be asked to tune inwards - feel into your body, your heart, your gut ... listen to your inner knowing and your intuition.


YOU are the MEDICINE ...

your medicine is within you.

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You will be invited to honestly look at your beliefs, patterns and behaviours to see how they align, or not, with what matters to you most. You will be asked to be accountable and to courageously make choices that call you forth into a higher level of self-actualization and into deeper care for self - "self-care". This process will include breathwork, inner inquiry, listening and feeling, movement and sacred ritual. It is a journey that will include all your senses, your feeling body, your deep heart, your mental capabilities and connection to your soul. This journey will be lovingly guided by me, Christina, and I am here for you.


Book a free consultation.

The process of transformation takes time. We humans take time! 

Sessions are offered in packages of one month, three months or six months with follow-up check-ins. Book a free consultation to find out more and to see where we can go together!

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